Digital Products Business Model Course


What if you could create a $20 ebook, template, or workbook and make $1000 passively each month?

Digital Products Business Model Course is a 4 hour masterclass that teaches you exactly how to create and sell your digital products to start generating passive income ASAP.

Creating and selling digital products is one of the most underrated side hustles out there.

All you need is an idea for a product, a platform to host your product and a strategy to sell.

One $20 product sale a day can make you an extra $7300 a year.

I bet you could put that money to good use.

Whether you wanna make an extra $1000 a month or do this full-time, it all starts with you taking the decision to start today.

This is exactly how I went from zero to over $100k/year in revenue amidst a global pandemic.

And no I didn’t have a large social media following or a large budget to invest in ads when I first started out.

Now I work from wherever I want as little as I want – without worrying about how I’ll pay the utility bill next month.

Imagine this…

You turn off the alarm as you jump out of bed at 11:00 AM. 

As you grab your phone, you see a bunch of Stripe notifications telling you that you made bank WHILE you were asleep. 

You’ve already made a couple of hundred dollars while you were snoozing. 

You get out of bed, make yourself some coffee and then head to your living room to start your work day. 

You log in to your computer and check which products drove the sales and you relax knowing that your lifestyle is well taken care of. 

There is no hurry to get anywhere. 

No hurry to show up for another dreaded “meeting”. 

No people politics to get that promotion that you’re not even sure you want. 

No more jerky bosses to deal with. 

After all you are your own boss. 

Sound like something you’ve been dreaming of? 

This is the power of selling products online and having what I call leveraged income. 

Not only can you create products based on your expertise and skillset, you can sell it to: 


and get paid doing what you love. 


even while you are fast asleep. 

and Digital Product Academy will teach you how.



  • What are digital products and the 12 best types of products to sell. (value $37)
  • How to pick your niche to make sure that you make profit and find your product ideas using free tools + eRank tutorial (value $67)
  • Understand how to build your audience online and create buzz before you launch your product (value $37)
  • Creating your product step by step along with our bonus templates + Canva Tutorial (value $67)
  • How to set up the tech, upload your product, deliver the product to customers and accept payments + Stan tutorial (value $67)
  • Selling your product through 3 types of social content so you can leverage free traffic to make sales 24*7 (value $37)
  • The 5 step income machine to go from zero to $10k a month and more by selling digital products (value $97)


  • Product Planner Workbook (value $27) : Print out the workbook or go step by step to brainstorm ideas and research your digital products.
  • Digital Product Templates (value $37): Get 80 pre-made plug-and-play Canva templates to start designing your product in seconds.
  • Product Mockup Templates (value $10): Get 24 pre-made plug-and-play Canva templates to create mockups for your product sales pages.

All the lessons are pre-recorded and can be watched at your leisure.

You get lifetime access so you can enrol now and watch the lessons whenever you want.

Due to the instantly consumable nature of this product, no refunds are possible. All sales made are final.

No. You can use a platform called Stan to host and sell your products directly through social media. Alternatively, you can use Etsy to sell your digital products.

No, we do not cover Etsy or how to market on Etsy in this course.

Below each lesson you can drop a comment regarding any questions you may have. My team or I will respond within 3 working days and you will receive an update on the same. This course does not cover 1:1 coaching support.

No, the strategies we teach work for anyone in the world as long as you have access to the internet and social media.

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